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ADDRESS: Agios Ioannis, 846 00, Mykonos TEL: +30 6947 600304

It’s that time of the year again !!

Dear friends ,

It’s that time of the year again !! We have been delayed  but we are  here now ! Ready to seve you from July 1st , with your and our safety being our No1 priority .

Usually our opening date is mid April , when we come out of our hybernation , and the island comes back to life.

Obviously this is a different summer. A summer long-awaited by everybody. Yes there are restrictions , there is uncertainty , but we are ready and well prepared.

In life you can’t predict everything ,there is always the unexpected .But life doesn’t stop , it keeps moving forward.

We will be more than happy to serve and welcome as many of you as possible , but even if you don’t make it to Mykonos this year  , keep dreaming and 2021 will be here before we know it !!

Stay well ,stay safe and see you soon !!



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